Tips for buying a personal jet

Owning a personal jet has great advantages. You can fly when and where you want, all in the luxurious environment of your own personal jet. Before you buy a private personal jet, it is recommended to do a cost-benefit analysis. Aviation experts advise that to justify full ownership of a personal jet you will need 350 to 400 hours of flight time per year. Otherwise, you should consider renting or fractional ownership.

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Costs for a personal jet

The costs for owning your own private aircraft depend on the price tag. Do you want to buy a new personal jet or a pre-owned personal jet? Which size and flying range do you need? Light jets can take 5 to 8 passengers roughly 3.000 km, midsize executive jets can take up to 9 passengers up to 4.500 km and large jets can carry 12 passengers for more than 6.500 km. Besides the purchase price, you should also consider hidden costs for necessities such as fuel, insurance, hangarage, catering and pilots. Aircraft management at Royal Air Charters can take care of these needs for you. We can also rent your personal aircraft to third parties to minimize your costs. You can even make a profit with chartering your jet.

Consider renting a personal jet

A personal jet cost anywhere between $3 million to $90 million. Even on the low end, it is an expensive undertaking to own a personal jet. The maintenance fees, repair fees, insurancies fees and other costs can add quite a bit in fixed costs per year. For many people, renting is the easier and more cost efficient way to fly private. You can choose the kind of aircraft that suits your wishes at each specific trip. Just like owning your own aircraft, this gives you the freedom to fly when you want, to any destination. Reach out to us today if you have any questions about renting a personal jet.