Private plane rental

Private planes feature spectacular amenities that are often far more luxurious than the first class suites commercial airlines offer. From your own master bedroom to plush leather seats in the cabin space: private plane rental offers all you need for an exceptionally comfortable and relaxing flight. Since you travel with your own companions you can show up and go and bring all your travel necessities, including liquids.

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Private plane rental for maximum efficiency

The only way to travel fully on your terms, is by private plane rental. Whether you are looking to maximize your time or it’s about accessing a remote destination, private jet hire is the answer and its popularity is exploding. Companies choose for a private plane rental because it saves loads of time and it is possible to plan meetings in different countries on the same day. Private jet hire enables executives and senior management to fulfil their strict schedules. Did you know that commercial fliers spent up to three hours at airports for a one-way trip international flight? Private jet travel eliminates all that waiting time. Passengers can arrive at the terminal 15 minutes before departure. Travel procedures like immigration, customs and boarding only take a couple of minutes.

Costs of private plane rental

In the recent years, private charter has become more affordable. The prices comes closer and closer to the rates of first class and business class tickets on commercial flights. In some cases it is even cheaper to book a charter flight than expensive tickets on a commercial flight. Companies can significantly reduce travel costs by choosing a private plane rental. In this way, they can save a lot of time and avoid the costs for hotels, for example. Also frequent flyers and those who travel in large groups, can save cost by flying private. If you want to fly private for a reduced rate, we recommend to take a look at the empty leg flights.