Private plane costs

A private plane can be used for all kinds of purposes. On a business level, you can attend several meetings in one day by opting for a private jet, transporting a team of employees quickly and efficiently or, for example, go for a day of shopping with your loved one in a new city. We will explain more about the private plane costs.

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Costs of buying and maintaining a private plane

If you want to buy your own aircraft, you are looking at a purchase price, costs for operating your aircraft and costs for maintaining your aircraft. At Royal Air Charters we can manage your aircraft and look after it with round the clock attention. We closed bulk contracts with different suppliers of hangarage, maintenance, fuel and insurances to be able to can offer you the best prices possible. Are you interested in lowering your fixed costs or even making a profit from your private aircraft? We can offer to charter your jet to third parties. For this end, we have a dedicated sales team that sells flights around the clock.

Private plane costs: rent a private aircraft

The private plane rental price depends on a number of factors. First of all, the private plane rental price is determined by the route that is flown. A long-haul flight generally costs more than a short trip. In addition, the number of stops determines the price. In some cases, a plane is rented to make several stops or lands in one day. This increases the cost of renting a private jet. Royal Air Charters has a diverse fleet of aircraft. The aircraft that you prefer affects the costs of renting your own aircraft. Finally, the private plane costs depend on the number of people flying along. The price for renting a private plane is not fixed in advance. Are you curious about what it costs to book a private plane? Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements and get a quote on the private plane costs. We are available 24/7 to provide you with a suitable offer.

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