Private jet rental

The benefits of private jet rental are numerous. You can travel on your own schedule, enjoy unprecedented privacy, save valuable time by skipping the long airport lines and have acces to thousands of airports, thus arriving closer to your final destination. At Royal Air Charters, we are happy to assist you in finding your ideal private jet rental.

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Freedom in determining your travel schedule

Private jet rental allows you to access destinations that are hard to reach when flying commercial. There are 8 times more airports we can reach with a private jet compared to the commercial flights. This allows Royal Air Charters to get you as close as possible to your destination. The private airplane can access small airports for cities across Europe. Many of these airports are located closer to the city center than large commercial airports. Private jet rental also makes it possible to make multiple stops. As a busy executive, you can reach 3 or 4 different meetings in different cities in just one day, and still be back home by dinnertime. This isn’t possible when flying commercial. You can even invite your business partners on board, to make the most of your time in the sky.

Unmatched privacy and convenience

You enjoy the comfort and privacy of your own aircraft cabin when flying private. You pick your own guests to come along with you. All information about destinations, schedules and passengers are kept strictly confidential. Chartering can be more cost efficient than flying commercial in some cases, especially when sending a team of employees to a specific destination. Besides that, private jet rental is all about you and your own specific wishes. The setting is specifically tailored to meet your individual needs.

At Royal Air Charters we make sure to offer you the most valuable asset: your time. Our team is always available to help you find the private jet rental that caters to your traveling needs. We operated our own aircrafts and have a large network of other operators, so we can always find you a suitable private aircraft.

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