Jet rental cost: what do you pay for a private jet rental

Private charter flights are getting more and more popular. Since demand is on the rise, there are loads of options for chartering a private airplane. This kind of travel provides many benefits, from skipping the security lines and crowds to an optimal usage of your time. Many people ask themselves what the costs for jet rental are.

Rent a small plane with Royal Air Charters

Jet rental cost at Royal Air Charters

Prices for booking a charter flight with Royal Air Charters are not fixed. If you want to know the jet rental cost, you can contact our team for a quote according to your travel wishes. It is possible to book a charter flight last-minute, just 2 hours in advance. You just show up and go. There are no long lines and waiting time when you choose to fly privately. If you take all the time you win into consideration, jet rental costs can actually be lower than booking multiple business class tickets for your executive managers, especially if that flight doesn’t really fit the schedule and you need overnight stays in a hotel as well. At Royal Air Charters we have our own fleet, but we also have a large network within business aviation at our disposal to be able to meet all wishes and demands.

Cheaper empty leg flight

If you want to fly private, but don’t have the funds for a private jet rental, you can look into the options for an empty leg flight. These flights do have a predetermined schedule and destination, because the jet is going to pick up a customer or needs to fly back after dropping someone of. Instead of leaving the airplane empty, you can book this one way flight. Prices are up to 75% lower compared to the usual jet rental cost.