Empty leg charter flights

Empty leg charter flights are the repositioning of a private airplane. When passengers have just been dropped off or need to be picked up, a private airplane will make one part of the flight without any passengers. This is an empty leg flight. You can compare this to a taxi that needs to reposition itself to the starting point for another customer, or that has to go back to its home base. Empty leg charter flights offer a unique chance to fly private for a fraction of the costs.

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Discounted price for empty leg flight

When you choose for an empty leg charter flight, you can’t pick your own time and place of departure. The destination is also set. When you compare this to fully flying private, there is less freedom. It is very hard for an aircraft operator to find a customer that is willing to pay the full price and that will want to charter a particular aircraft, for that specific one-way route and time. The aircraft will have to move anyway, so instead of leaving the one-way flight empty, you can grab your chance and enjoy a private flight at a significant discount. It is up to 75% cheaper to fly on one of the empty leg charter flights compared to the usual charter price. The exact price depends on the route and the aircraft.

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Are you flexible? Then you can fully profit from the advantages of an empty leg charter flight. This is an amazing way of traveling private, at lower prices. You can enjoy all the luxuries, such as a great lounge, no waiting lines and the comfort and privacy of only having to share the aircraft with your own travel companions. For a more cost-effective private jet rental, you can also look to combine an empty leg with the rest of your private charter schedule or combine it with commercial airline flights.