Charter flight

A charter flight is not part of a regular airline routing. You rent the entire aircraft when choosing for a charter flight. This gives you freedom in deciding on your own departure and arrival locations and times, thus offering an unprecedented luxury way of traveling.

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Advantages of a charter flight

A charter flight offers you the freedom to fly wherever you want, whenever you want. A charter flight is not part of a scheduled service, so you are able to choose your desired locations and times. One of the main advantages of a charter flight is privacy. Your flight departs from a private facility, so unlike a commercial flight you don’t need to go through a crowded airport and undergo the lengthy security screening. Passengers can pull up right next to the airplane at most private airports.

Multiple meetings in a day? No problem. With our jet charters, you just turn up and go, saving you loads of valuable time. Besides, you land closer to your final destination in comparison to flying to an airport used by the commercial airlines in Europe. Charter flights are especially convenient when you need to travel to a location where scheduled airline service requires multiple connections or layovers before reaching your final destination.

What to expect from Royal Air Charters

Royal Air Charters offers practical benefits, but our services go beyond that. You fly where you want, whenever you want, in a lush setting that is explicitly tailored to meet your individual wishes. Flying private is a more convenient and luxurious way of transportation, with a range of benefits that flying first class on a commercial flight can never meet.

Our sales team is available 24/7 to help you book a private jet that fits your travelling needs. You will have a single point of contact after booking throughout your journey. If you need any assistance with details concerning your trip you can reach out to your contact person. All you have to do is sit back and relax, while our operations- and safety team will make sure your flight runs as seamlessly and safely as possible.

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