Airplane hangar

While an airplane is very durable and strong in flight, this precious asset is downright fragile on the ground. Ultraviolet rays from sunshine, rain and other weather conditions take a toll on your private aircraft and can cause some serious damage. You will need an airplane hangar to protect your private jet from the elements. There are multiple options to hangar an aircraft. Royal Air Charters has a team of experienced and well trained experts that make sure your private jet is in good hands.

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Rent an airplane hangar

At Royal Air Charters, we make bulk contracts with many suppliers of hangarage, insurances, fuel and maintenance. Therefore we can offer you the best prices possible for managing your aircraft. We make sure your private jet is hangared at all times, is insured and is always perfectly maintained according to the highest European standards. Every time you get on board, you can concentrated on enjoying your flight. Besides, we offer access to our fuel contracts, making it more cost efficient to fly private. For aircraft owners who fly occasionally for business or pleasure, the investment of time and cost to build an own hangar usually doesn’t add up. For most owners it is more attractive to rent an airplane hangar. The renting of an airplane hangar is also more flexible. Should you decide to move to another airport, you can just move your aircraft to another airplane hangar instead of having to sell the one you build and buy another one.

Charter your aircraft

If you wish to charter your aircraft through Royal Air Charters, you can reduce your fixed costs and possibly even make a profit. This requires no effort from your side. We have a wide range of customers looking to rent a private aircraft and can offer to charter your aircraft to third parties. Out dedicated sales team is busy selling flights 24/7. Contact our team if you want to know more about the options.

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