Affordable personal aircraft

At Royal Air Charters you can make your trip a lot more pleasant: with a private plane you can board when and where you want, experience a luxurious feeling throughout the journey and get off without delay. Renting a private plane above all gives a feeling of freedom and comfort, but can also save you a lot of time. That way you can also save money. In addition, renting a private plane does not have to be expensive. Are you looking for an affordable personal aircraft? Our salesteam got you covered.

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Save valuable time and money

Renting a private jet has numerous advantages over a regular flight. First of all, you choose the passengers who will fly with you, so that you can, for example, transfer the entire management team quickly and efficiently to an important meeting. In addition, you decide when you want to leave and where you fly to. The private jet takes the fastest, most direct route to the airport closest to your final destination. Along the way you can do some work, prepare a meeting or relax so that you arrive at your destination rested. In some cases, the travel times of regular flights do not fit well with your agenda or the planning of your company, for example if you have to make several stops in a day. Renting a private jet is in many cases the cheapest option. An affordable personal aircraft can be more cost efficient then flying first class in many cases.

Rent an affordable personal aircraft at RAC

Royal Air Charter is your partner in private aviation. Are you looking for an affordable personal aircraft? Pass on your wishes to our sales team so they can find the most suitable jet for you. We have options of affordable personal aircraft in our own fleet or can help you find the jet that suits your needs in our network of other operators. When renting a private jet you can adjust the degree of luxury to your own wishes and therefore your budget. Would you like more information about the possibilities of renting an affordable personal aircraft? Request a quote.