Ideal for 50 to 100 flight hours per year

Fractional ownership

Financially, it is interesting to have your own aircraft when you fly more than 200 hours per annum. But since most of our clients fly about 50 hours per annum, the purchase of an aircraft is a bridge too far. Fractional ownership then offers the perfect solution. This solution is ideal for 50 to 100 hours per year. It offers the compromise between full ownership, with all the associated investments and fixed costs, and renting different aircraft for one-way flights. Moreover, at Royal Air Charters we set up the Fractional Ownership program in such a way that you’ll feel like a full aircraft owner. For example with a permanent crew who is exactly aware of your wishes and habits.

With fractional ownership, the investment and the fixed annual costs are shared with 1-4 other parties. Due to the higher number of flight hours of the aircraft, the costs per flight hour decrease since the fixed costs are spread out over more flight hours.

Sharing and distributing costs are the pillars of the concept. Royal Air Charters takes care of all concerns such as personnel, hangar space, insurance, fuel price negotiations, maintenance, etc. Furthermore, Royal Air Charters is specialized in ultra last-minute flights, these types of flights are usually not in the way of our owners‘ travels. In this way we can generate additional revenue for the shareholders of the aircraft.

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Being a shareholder of an aircraft

How does it work?

You buy a share of an aircraft in proportion to the number of hours you expect to fly it, we distribute the rest of the shares to our other investors. You will then have access to our entire fleet and when you fly, only the exact variable costs of the trip will be charged. No extra margin or time. You will also be assigned one of our account managers to always have a single point of contact for planning all your trips. So, to sum up:

  • Interesting at 50 to 100 flying hours per year
  • The feeling of your own aircraft with its own crew that is precisely tailored to your wishes and travel habits.
  • Dramatically lower variable costs because more hours are divided over the fixed costs
  • Permanent account manager as a single point of contact for all your trips
  • The Royal Air Charters team manages your aircraft and your travels in every detail


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