With our experienced team

We take care of your aircraft

Owning a private jet is comparable to owning a company. It requires expertise and round the clock attention. Our team of well trained and experienced professionals makes sure your aircraft is in good hands so you can concentrate on enjoying the flights. 

Royal Air made bulk contracts with multiple suppliers of insurances, fuel, maintenance and hangarage. This means we can offer you the best prices possible.

Apart from managing your aircraft, we can offer to charter it to third parties. This way you can lower your fixed costs or even make a profit. We have a dedicated sales team for this that is busy selling flights 24/7.

Royal Air has over 25 years of experience in managing aircrafts
Our commitment

Your aircraft is in good hands

We make sure that:
  • Your aircraft is always perfectly maintained according to the highest European standards.
  • Your aircraft is insured. We have insurances that cover our whole fleet, which means we can offer sharp prices.
  • You will have access to our fuel contracts.
  • Your aircraft is hangered at all times.
  • There always is crew available, trained according to the highest standards.
  • If you wish we can charter your aircraft to reduce your fixed costs or even, make a profit.

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