Wheels-up within 2 hours

We can operate hyper-flexible

At Royal Air Charters we have set up our organization in such a way that we can operate hyper-flexible. We ensure that at least one aircraft from our fleet is always ready for departure, our operations and sales team run 24/7 and we have crew available at all times. All this to be “Wheels-up” within 2 hours.

This makes us the best partner for all medical and cargo flights. Royal Air has decades of experience with the pressure and speed with which such operations are carried out. We understand the costs that arise if, for example, a factory line is down, or a large airliner is stranded somewhere with broken parts.

For the longer distances we use our CJ3’s and for the medium distances the CJ. We also have access to jets and turboprops with cargo doors within our network so that we can also be of service to you for the transport of goods with a larger volume.

We are the right partner for all medical and cargo flights.
For particular needs

Flights with “Dangerous Goods”

Our operation is also approved for the transport of so-called Dangerous Goods. Think of shotguns, technical equipment, chemicals, etc.

Are you going to hunt in the United Kingdom or does your company regularly transport technical equipment such as large batteries? Then Royal Air Charters is your partner. These types of flights have one thing in common, they have so-called Dangerous Goods on board. Our operation is approved for the transport of Dangerous Goods and has a lot of experience with it.

“Our operations and sales team is available at all time.”