A sustainable future for private aviation

Our carbon offset program

Every charter Royal Air Charters facilitates includes a 100% carbon offset, which costs approximately 0.3% of the average cost of a booking. Our clients can also choose to offset any additional amount they like through our Carbon Offset program. The account managers will provide more details upon request. Furthermore, we match the offset with an investment in the local and global initiatives we support.

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Doing our part

How carbon offsetting works

A carbon offset negates (or offsets) the same amount of carbon emissions you release in the atmosphere, with a carbon credit equal to one tonne of CO2. The offset is created by supporting clean energy projects and funding activities which reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. To offset air travel, the total emissions resulting from the fuel burn is calculated in tonnes and the carbon credit equivalent is purchased. We only source through leading global accredited providers, for investment in UN-approved projects.

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